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✴Confession of a Divergent✴


I never was able to stay with just one subject or project. It wasn't because I did not know how to stay focussed. I was focussed as f**k!

How else was I able to attend nightclasses and work fulltime during the day. That is how I got my bachelor in business.


It was just that after a while I felt the need to do more & even different projects, to learn new skills, new subjects, new projects. 


So my mum always said: 'Stick with what you're good at'. So I did, for a very long time. As Project #Manager, I was good with the whole 'planning & managing' of the projects. But I felt like a piece of me was missing. How can this be it? Staring outside from my desk at WTC #Amsterdam, in front of me their was another big tower, I could see the man behind his desk. I see him every day, typing away at his computer. I could not imagine this was it for me. Waiting to retire at 70!?!? 


I did not and still do not have the answers. However I did know

I needed more! I needed different things at different times. For example, I could start going in depth in gathering knowledge on a subject that was project related (media, automotive, IT, healthcare, education, food). Or sometimes I needed to go totally 180 degrees opposite of the subject I was working on. This has brought me literally from one side of the world to the other! Cold but oh so efficient Netherlands to chaotics in Asia where the pace of life moves more patiently & slowly. Wow! The world is such a beautiful place. How can I choose not to change, even the year has FOUR different seasons. It wouldn't be natural NOT to change...


What was I to do. Stay doing that what I always knew, just like mum said or shall I follow this feeling of unfulfilled and fill that d*mn whole inside of me!


By now, you must have guessed the answer. I choose change. Like the seasons, adapting forever changing.  Clever Tree is born. 🙂

What do I do? There will not be a business card big enough that can hold all that information. But I will try it here anyway: 


Nina Perveen

Clever Tree

Business & Health Coaching


#Aerial #yoga instructor | #Mindful #pilates instructor | 20 min mat yoga instructor | #Marketing trainer | #Anti-Stress workshop trainer | #Trainer Frontoffice Personnel: phone etiquette & customer focus